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Re: getting rid of debug messages?


On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 11:36:21PM -0400, Douglas J. Hunley wrote:
> how can I prevent the  'EXT3-FS: mounted / in ordered-data mode' messages? 
> they're cluttering my boot screen ;)

See "man dmesg" for a way to select what level of kernel information
gets dumped to the boot screen during init.

	dmesg -n 5

will let through warnings and errors but will hide purely informative
or debugging messages.

The mount messages are already at KERN_INFO level (level 6).  If we
lowered the priority any more, to KERN_DEBUG (level 7), then syslogd
wouldn't log the message to /var/log/messages at all, at least using
common configs which drop debug messages.

In other words, the message is already as relaxed as it can be --- you
just need to get your init scripts to be a little more selective about
what message they let through to the console.  If you do change the
dmesg level, *only* console output gets inhibited --- the messages
still get written to the system logs as usual.


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