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Re: Bug: 2.2.20pre/ext3 0.0.7a crash apparently in sys_close()


On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 11:43:54AM +0100, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> Apologies for a vague and wooly bug report, but I can't reproduce this
> on my test systems - I *can* reproduce it on some production ones like a
> flash.... but that seems to upset our operations guys :-(
> I am getting a set of crashes on some boxes in the field, apparently
> related to high network traffic (this only occurs on boxes with ethernet
> connectivity back to the centre rather than the majority of boxes which
> have E1 connectivity back), and when the boxes are under network load.
> The boxes have several filesystems on a h/w RAID controller, all of
> which are ext3 except /boot.   There should be *very* little disk
> traffic on these boxes in normal use, including small amounts of syslog.
> The kernel is a 2.2.20pre - the couple of messages here are from
> 2.2.20pre8 - which also has FreeSWAN 1.91 and RAID stuff patched in
> (however on all of these boxes RAID is not in use since the h/w has
> onboard h/w RAID).
> A kernel which has 0.0.7a ext3 dies in this situation.
> A kernel which has 0.0.6b ext3 works without fault.

Is 7a the _only_ difference between a working and a non-working

Other than that, I'd probably need a bit more info than what's here to
get much further with this.  One thing that's always worth trying is
to disable slab poisoning and see if things get better --- that's a
piece of pure debugging which ext3 enables for its own benefit, but
which often causes other buggy drivers to fall apart under load.  The
oops you posted doesn't have any obvious signs of slab debugging
problems, though.


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