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Re: Redhat Roswell

Try using the latest kernel (2.4.7-0.8), util-linux (2.11f-8), and
e2fsprogs (1.22-3) from rawhide.  Red Hat may have patched util-linux or
e2fsprogs with specific patches and/or compiled with customized options
to make it work.   

Alternately, if you manually installed util-linux, you may need to get
the mount (2.11g) RPM from rawhide, as Red Hat splits it out from
util-linux, and adds several patches, including one that appears to add
the -O option.


On 15 Aug 2001 01:45:49 +0200, Frank wrote:
> Hi all
> i installed Redhat beta Roswell, then i updated to Kernel 2.4.8
> patched him and installed the newest util-linux + e2fprogs without any
> custoumized Options. Bootloader is Grub. Now when i boot he says mount -O or -0 
> is an invalid Option. tune2fs -j /dev/hdXX says "The filesystem already has a journal"
> lsmod says that no jbd or ext3 Modules is loadet but i have pachted the Kernel with ext3 
> as Module. Depmod -a is done. It seems its mounted as Ext2. Modprobe after booting says
> ext3                   51408   0  (unused)
> jbd                    40032   0  [ext3]
> My fstab looks like
> LABEL=/                 /                       ext3    defaults        1 1
> Where and what for mount Options i need replacing
> thx for any suggestions
> Frank

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