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Re: thumbs up or down on ext3 with md?

On Sunday August 19, jwbaker acm org wrote:
> I've read through the archives and it looks like people are using ext3
> with software RAID with at least some success.  I just want to confirm
> that it works properly.  If I convert my md RAID 0 to ext3, should I
> expect
> A) A fast journalled filesystem, or
> B) Wailing and gnashing of teeth
> My RAID currently does not use persistant superblocks, because I created
> it many moons ago under the old raidtools.  Should I convert it to the new
> style before making it ext3, or is is not relevant?

Raid style is completely independant of ext3.   New raid is
theoretically better, but if old it working for you, stick with it.
To convert to new style with superblocks, you would need to backup all
your data, remake the array and filesystem, and then restore.


> Regards,
> Jeffrey Baker
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