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Re: tytso's readdir speedup patch - adoptable?

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 03:20:13PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> My own test with "time ls -l" in a directory with 50000 files:
> real    0m5.507s
> user    0m1.880s
> sys     0m0.940s
> root zombie:/tmp/ext2patched>
> real    0m4.341s
> user    0m1.890s
> sys     0m1.010s
> root zombie:/tmp/reiser>
> real    1m54.355s
> user    0m2.060s
> sys     1m50.370s
> root zombie:/tmp/ext3>
> I don't remember the result of ext2 before patching, it was about 1.45s
> IIRC.  

Ext2 before patching was only 1.45s *if* the entries were already in
the dcache.  If they weren't already in the dcache, the time should
have been similar to the ext3 time (i.e., minutes, not seconds).

If you don't unmount and remount the filesystem immediately before
doing the "/usr/bin/time ls -l > /dev/null" test, the results will be
invalid, since you'll be measuring the effect of the dcache, and not
the underlying filesystem.

						- Ted

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