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evaluation of ext3 for S/390 and zSeries


in the last weeks I evaluated ext3 on the IBM Mainframe S/390 and IBM
zSeries. (32 bit, big endian, 64 bit big endian)
Ext3 had to face high stress tests, low memory situations, spontaneous
resets as well as hardware failure simulations. I tested file system
integrity,log replay and stability with ordered and journal mode. All with
32 and 64 bit.
I think ext3 has reached a very stable state on these architecture with
version 0.95 plus bigendian fix. (=0.96)
I have not evaluated the performance of ext3 in comparison to other file
systems, so it is just a statement about stability and reliability.

Thanks for your help

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

Christian Bornträger
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
eServer SW  System Evaluation + Test
email: CBORNTRA de ibm com
Tel +49 7031-16-3507

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