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Re: ext3_free_blocks

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 11:30:39AM +0100, Heusden, Folkert van wrote:
> > The controller should never return bad data to the application in such
> > a case.  It _should_ just return an IO failure rather than returning
> > mush.  Unless there are other log messages in your syslog, that
> > doesn't seem to have happened here.
> and what if the power gets lossed during the diskwrite of a block of data?
> I mean; what if a sector in the journal gets only written half causing
> corrupted data?

In ordered mode it would go to "free" blocks (because the write to the
meta-data that says that the new blocks are in use doesn't go to disk from
journal until the entire write() call is complete)

In data=journal mode, all data would go to the journal first, and if it's
not complete it'll be discarded.

Can someone say what'll happen in writeback mode in this case?


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