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Re: ext3 mounted as ext2

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From: "schaecsn" <schaecsn gmx de>
To: <ext3-users redhat com>
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 5:55 AM
Subject: ext3 mounted as ext2

> Hi,
> Also I do have some problems mounting an ext3fs which gets just mounted
> as an ext2fs. (Yeap, I looked a little bit around in the mailling list
> and found similiar problems which haven't help me ;-( )
> I have a root ( /) and a /mnt partition. both are converted via tune2fs
> -j into a journaled fs.
> my fstab looks like this:
> /dev/hda1       /                       ext2              defaults   1
> 1
> /dev/hda2 /mnt ext2   defaults   1   1
> on system startup root (/) gets mounted as ext3fs but /mnt gets just
> mounted as ext2fs. I want /mnt mounted as an ext3fs, too!
> What makes me wonder is the asymmetry. both fs_vfstype fields are set to
> ext2 but / gets mounted as ext3 and /mnt gets mounted as ext2.

The reason the root is mounted as ext3, and ignores /etc/fstab, is
because... /etc/fstab cannot be read!

If you read a bit, you'll see that you need to pass a kernel parameter to
mount root as ext2 even if it has a journal.

> What would work is setting the fs_vfstype field to ext3 BUT then non
> ext3-aware kernels don't mount that entry anymore. (rc.S mounts the
> fstab files via "/sbin/mount -avt nonfs")
> My question: how do I set the fs_vfstype field in /etc/fstab so that
> ext3-aware kernels mount partitions as ext3fs and non-ext3-aware kernels
> mount partitions as plain ext2fs. any ideas?

Hmm.. you can set the fstype to "auto".. will give a strange response from
some utils though (like 'df'), and you'll need updated "mount"
(1.25-something), but it will work.

|  Martin Eriksson <nitrax giron wox org>
|  MSc CSE student, department of Computing Science
|  Umeå University, Sweden

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