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Re: help with recovering inode

Jure Pecar wrote:
> Hi list,
> here's what just happend:
> I rebooted my 2.4.15 running machine with SysRq + s u b to boot into 2.4.17pre8.
> ...

2.4.15 was not a good kernel - it had the forget-to-flush-inodes-on-unmount
bug.  However I never had any problems with it - I think ext3 was immune
to the bug because it tends to take care of itself and doesn't use the
core kernel for lots of write things.

So...  I can't ofer a believable explanation of what happened to your

> I set mode back to 040755, but how do i find out the Direct Block #0 number?

hmm.  If you can remember the names of the files in that directory,
you can search the underlying device for the filenames. That will
take you to a block which you can recognise as the directory

The attached program may help.

	bgrep /dev/hda1 68 64 6c 6c 6f

http://freshmeat.net/projects/lde/ may be good, but the homepage
seems to be offline.

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