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Re: crashing ext3 is easy and reproducible

Andrew Morton writes:

John Huttley wrote:

This is my crash script for 2.4.17-rc1 and rc2

It works exactly as expected first time.

Second time your system is toast with an exception error.
I think it kills the daemon.

I've tried it with varying ram disk sizes, up to 256Mb and
in UP and SMP mode.

The only thing I've seen was putting two of them into a script
with the intention of having a one stop crasher didn't work,-- at least

I've never had it fail to crash when run manually.
I wonder if a time delay is part of it???

The crash occurs in the rm -rf statement and produces enough verbiage
as to scroll the top of the oops off the top of the screen.

whoops. I recall back in April deciding that the ramdisk
driver was incompatible with ext3, but I forget why I
decided that. Plus the rd driver has changed a lot since

interesting bug, but why would you run ext3 on a ramdisk ??? any reason? I use ramdisk for root filesystem on a lot of servers and all of them use ext2


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