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Re: crashing ext3 is easy and reproducible

> Given that you are on a ramdisk (contents lost on reboot), then journaling
> does not benefit you at all, so use ext2 (best performance), or even
> Cheers, Andreas

The point of the excerise was to figure out where the bottle necks were
without investing in mega-expensive scsci-15k disks etc.

Maintaining a production db on ramdisk isn't feasible. Maybe making RAID1
would improve its reliablity, in case one fails. (haha)

I've since decided to use the Berkley db3 system for that part of the
on a hard drive of course!

Apart from the assertion failure and oops, the other thing of note is that
the statement
that ext2 and ext3 are of similar speed because the code paths are nearly
identical is
not true in this instance. This may be due to the write patterns of

The Pg hackers group had quite a discussion on the subject some months back,
AFAIK  nothing was concluded.



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