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Re: How to change .journal size


On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 11:20:59PM +0000, Richard Kimber wrote:
> Many thanks.  Size: 33554432 ordered data mode.  Is that reasonable?

Yep.  The defaults should be fine for this.

> Perhaps there's a case for a bit more documentation on ext3, geared to the 
> simple-minded like me.  The mini-HOWTO is a bit spartan, as is the FAQ. You 
> must get fed up with answering these simple questions.

Trouble is, "a [little] bit more documentation" won't help at all.
You'd need a reasonably comprehensive document to give the user any
extra knowledge about how to tune ext3.

Ext3 does pretty much all the right things on its own by default ---
it was always intended that ext3 be as simple as possible an extension
to ext2, so users don't need to worry about too many tuning variables.

The down side is that tuning ext3 doesn't make any sense unless you
understand what it is doing, so any documentation that would introduce
those concepts would have to be more than just a small extra
description: it would have to include quite detailed descriptions of
the various things going on inside ext3, and the impact of all the
different journaling modes, to be of much use.


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