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Re: ext3 and standard rh 7.2 distro - assert failure : line 656 of transaction.c

Robert Mena wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a mail server running redhat's 7.2 version with
> the following configuration :
> - 1GB RAM
> - 2 PIII 550
> - 3 HDs (all SCSI UW), all ext3 partitions with
> userquotas
> - Adaptec 160
> Once and a while the server stops with message errors
> at the console forcing me to reboot.
> The messages occur mostly under sendmail/procmail and
> mention assert failure at line 656 of transaction.c
> I've installed all rpms from redhat's update ftp and I
> was wondering if this is a kernel/ext3 problem and
> which version/steps would you recommend me in order to
> solve the problem.

Could you please provide the whole text of the assertion
failure?   There are quite a few asserts around there and
it's not clear which one is triggering.

Also, which journalling mode are you using?  data=journal?



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