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hm ...

About two weeks ago i was whining about an inode that got lost, now i'm going to whine more about strange things happening here.

A matroxfb just oopsed on me (thats not strange), the machine got unusuable, so i logged in from another and got the idea to touch /forcefsck. Upon reboot, fsck said that some inodes are in use but have dtime set and that some files are illegal sockets. Now this just doesn't sound healty to me ... Should I be worried?

Something fishy is going on here ... memtest says it's not ram, harddrive is IBM IC35 (i thought that only GXF75 were unreliable and even those only on certain ata100 controllers) on pio mode, i have s.m.a.r.t running and nothing from it in the logs ... Well, i'm lucky this is just my personal workstation.

Is there some chance that what I'm expiriencing is only a software error? If so, I might compile my next kernel with jbd debugging on. (currently 2.4.17pre8)


Jure Pecar

Unfortunatly, SMTP email is anything but a small set of problems.  Quite the opposite: it's a tarpit of bureaucratic standards committees, arrogant implementors, impatient administrators and whiny end-users.

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