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Ext3fs performance/kjournald deadlock issue


I've got a Redhat 7.2 system:
Celeron 400
18GB SCSI HD (/boot (ext2fs), / (ext3fs))
40GB IDE HD (/ (ext3fs))

I run a bunch of services on the box (apache + mod_perl, MYSQL, Samba,
etc) but the system is not under heavy load.

This system has performance issues reading/writing to the ext3fs
filesystems. The performance issues cropped up when I installed Redhat
7.2. Previously the system ran Redhat 6.2 and didn't have the following

Copying files from the IDE drive to the SCSI drive is very
slow (over 30 minutes transferring 50MB of data).

Additionally, I can't play mp3 files from a samba share on this
machine without winamp pausing every 5-10 seconds. If I copy the mp3 files
to the local hard drive or to a samba share on a Redhat 6.2 system
(running ext2fs), the files will play fine.

I have noticed that cp/smbd seems to deadlock with kjournald. I haven't
modifed any of the ext3fs settings.

Can I improve performance by changing the journal settings? I think the
default is to update the journal every 5 seconds? If I increase that to 60
seconds would that improve performance?

I've updated the system via RHN, but the performance issue are still not


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