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Re: EXT3-fs error..bad entry in directory

  Hallo Ralf,

> > > I've seen this kind of corruption on ext2 as well.
> > >
> > > We run a 2.2.19 kernel with 3Ware Escalade RAID cards (running RAID 10),
> > > no ext3 (just plain ext2) and get exactly this kind of corruption.
> >
> > 3Ware has stopped selling its RAID cards, and rumor has it is because
> > it should have never been released in the first place.  I've heard all
> > sorts of stories about relaibility issues with the 3Ware cards...  I
> > would strongly suggest that you not use it....
> We're using them and they stink. Keep away from that crap.

  could you please give a bit more details? I mean which 3W-xxxx model(s)
do you have, which RAID level(s) do you use, firmware/driver versions,
disk model(s), description of failure(s), etc.

  If you think this is off-topic, please send me a personal e-mail. I have
3W-6200 and 3W-7850 cards in my setup and would appreciate any experience
other people collected so far.

  Thank you,

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