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Hi Stephen, 

it's me again with a problem report about quotas and ext3...

I'm not quite sure whether you tried to resolve the quota problems yet,
but since I read in the changelog of 0.0.5e that you included some quota
specific fixes I decided to give a try (again).

And once again: Bad news.
Still lockups, reliable reproducible.
But this time I have a little backtrace for you of two kjournald's, one
in normal idle state and the other one locked up. Hope it helps you a
If I can run any tests to debug this problem better please let me know.
If-on the other hand-this is a known issue just tell me and I will keep
quiet for the next couple releases :-)


Test was with kernel 2.2.19pre9 + ext3-0.0.5e UP

"normal" kjournald:
kdb> btp 2024
    EBP       EIP         Function(args)
0xc67bbfb0 0xc0111f23  schedule+0x157( 0xc7a8d81c, 0xc7a8d7e0)
0xc67bbfc8 0xc01122b2  interruptible_sleep_on+0x36( )
0xc67bbfec 0xc0154ec0  kjournald+0x11c( 0xc7a8d7e0, 0xc7a8d7e0,
0xc7a8d7e0, 0x0, 0x0)
0xc15a7e24 0xc010923f  kernel_thread+0x23)
0xc01d8175 0x0  kernel_thread+0x3fef6de4)
0x8b9019eb 0x39480842  kernel_thread

"locked up" kjournald:
kdb> btb 1935
    EBP       EIP         Function(args)
0xc1b9be74 0xc0111f23  schedule+0x157( 0xc7a8d708, 0xc7a8d6c0)
0xc1b9be8c 0xc0112372  sleep_on+0x36( 0xc24781e0, 0xc1801ba0,
0xc172faa0, 0xc172fb20, 0xc172f720)
0xc1b9bfc4 0xc015834f  journal_commit_transaction+0x173( 0xc7a8d6c0)
0xc1b9bfec 0xc0154ea7  kjournald+0x103( 0xc7a8d6c0, 0xc7a8d6c0,
0xc7a8d6c0, 0x655a7131, 0x66314175)
0xc6d77e24 0xc010923f  kernel_thread+0x23)
0xc01a7e90 0xc0e16260  kernel_thread+0xd0d044)
0xf68914eb 0x24512068  kernel_threadkdb: Bad kernel address 0xf68914eb
0x0 0x0  kernel_thread

juri haberland innominate com
system engineer                                         innominate AG
clustering & security                            the linux architects
tel: +49-30-308806-45   fax: -77            http://www.innominate.com

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