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That darned orphaned socket hang


OK, I can now reproduce this hang at will, purely by pulling the plug 
on my desktop when logged in and then rebooting - its a gnome desktop 
box with few partitions and ext3 on all of them, so I guess its getting 
a pile of gnome or ssh related sockets kept in /tmp which is on root

To recap, when the machine is suffering from this, it hangs at the 
point of mounting the root filesystem during boot.  Using e2fsck from 
the latest 1.20WIP set fixes the problem.

I had hoped that booting with rootflags=debug would give me more 
information, however there is nothing in there thats useful - basically 
just a JFS DEBUG.... exit status 0, recovered transactions 38212 to 
38212, similar summary message and then
EXT-fs: 03:01 orphan cleanup on read-only filesystem

[I'm retyping these errors so there may be minor mistakes]

Running e2fsck on it gives, after some other bits,
 Clearing orphaned inode 666608 (uid=0, gid=0, mode=0100755, 
 Clearing orphaned inode 53304 (uid=0, gid=0, mode=0100755, size=552935)
 Truncating orphaned inode 10456 (uid=100, gid=500, mode=0140755, 

I can reproduce this at will (with some pain), so if you can give me a 
hint as to how you want this followed up then please come back to me.  
Also if it requires a kernel rebuild (fairly easy) I can then also add 
serial console and trap the output more effectively.


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