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Re: What ext3 release is in 2.2.17-14?


On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 06:06:59PM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> The ext3 code is not yet ported to 2.4.  I'm sure that when it is, it will
> likely be included as well.  However, even that is not 100% sure because
> 2.4 has gone to "stable" mode and ext3 changes a bunch of non-fs code so 
> there may be some objections with putting it into the official 2.4.

The only ext3 changes to the main VFS are:

 * Extra data in the struct buffer_head

   This is going away before ext3 goes into 2.4: the extra data will
   be in a separate struct journal_head, linked to by the existing
   bh->b_private field.

 * Debugging callbacks

   I'll keep these, but only in a separate patch so that the core non-
   debugging filesystem won't need to make any core fs changes

 * Dirty-buffer management

   ext3 used to tell the VFS core not to flush out its dirty buffers 
   early by keeping them on a separate VFS list.  In the 0.0.6a
   version, though, we now keep ext3 journaled buffers marked clean
   even if the filesystem has modified them: they only get marked 
   dirty again once the filesystem is prepared to let them get flushed
   to disk.  So, that code can be removed for 2.4.

ext3 won't have to change the VFS core at all for 2.4.


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