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Re: Dead puppies (and Linux boxen) aren't much fun.

Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> SWebster EtcServices com said:
> > and then it sits there forever - I left it there overnight and it
> > never got any further.  I'm going to make up a rescue disk set w/ the
> > ext3 tools and try to fix it.
> Thats the bug discussed in the thread "That darned orphaned socket
> hang", last word was:-
> sct redhat com said:
> > ext3-0.0.6b will be out today to fix this.  I've been doing a heap of
> > recovery testing over the past 2-3 weeks getting this sorted, and the
> > two bugs above explain every single oddity I've seen in that time, so
> > there are no more outstanding known bugs in the way of a codefreeze.
> However that was friday morning and no code appeared.
> The e2fstools 1.20WIP most recent sourceforge release, do not exhibit
> this problem.  If you can boot on a rescue disk, and use e2fsck (of
> that version only) on the filesystem, it will fix the problem in its
> userspace log replay.

	It was looking like too much of a pain to create a boot disk from
another system, so I booted from one of the handy-dandy LinuxCare
bootable recovery CDs I picked up at LWExpo.  I ran debugfs and removed
the journaling features.  That got it booting again, so I created a set
of boot/root disks w/ Yard and booted from the floppies and ran
fsck.ext3 from the beta.redhat.com e2fsprogs-1.20-0ext3.
	I haven't been able to properly reenable journaling since then,
though.  I've rm-ed and recreated the journal, but I get errors like

Feb 20 00:53:18 descartes fsck: /: Ext3 journal superblock is corrupt. 
Feb 20 00:53:18 descartes fsck: FIXED. 
Feb 20 00:53:18 descartes fsck: /: clean, 191615/1529856 files,
2437913/3140699 blocks 
Feb 20 00:53:18 descartes fsck: : The ext2 superblock is corrupt : no
valid journal superblock found

	I just grabbed the latest e2fsprogs-TEST tarball.  I'll try again with
those in place.  Maybe I'll build a new kernel w/ only the pre* and ext3
patches once Stephen gets the 6b version up.

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