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Re: Dead puppies (and Linux boxen) aren't much fun.

Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> SWebster EtcServices com said:
> > It was looking like too much of a pain to create a boot disk from
> > another system, so I booted from one of the handy-dandy LinuxCare
> > bootable recovery CDs I picked up at LWExpo.  I ran debugfs and
> > removed the journaling features.  That got it booting again, so I
> > created a set of boot/root disks w/ Yard and booted from the floppies
> > and ran fsck.ext3 from the beta.redhat.com e2fsprogs-1.20-0ext3.
> Thats pretty dangerous - slinging the journal could have nasty
> consequences.
> My approach is also to use the linuxcare BBC (I'm actually using the
> 1.5 beta rather than the 1.2 version thats in distribution), then use
> ssh to pull a current copy of e2fsck from a machine with a current
> version of it on.  An alternative might be to download the sourceforge
> binary package and extract it - not sure if the BBC has lynx and
> rpm2cpio or another rpm capable package.

	Ah...  Well, in the words of the young Bill Cosby in the "chicken
heart" bit (on the "Wonderfullness" album), "I hadn't thought of

	The moral of this story is: make rescue disks BEFORE you hose your
system!  I was actually thinking of building my own rescue cd w/ all the
ext3 and reiserfs stuff on it.
> Once you have e2fsck run on the root then the machine should boot
> normally.
> Wonder if an alternative approach is to use a initrd including e2fsck
> and make sure all your fs-es are always cleaned before mount....
> however 0.0.06b will solve all our problems :-)

	Well, my ext3 related ones, anyway. ;-)  I grabbed the latest 19pre and
ext3 patches rebuilt and rebooted and everything seems to be running
well now.

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