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ext3-0.0.6b available

Hi all,

ext3-0.0.6b is now available at the usual places:




The only significant change in this release is the fix to the orphan
list recovery, and that fix also affects e2fsprogs, so please pick up
the new e2fsprogs from the same directory when you grab the ext3
release.  I've put tarballs, srpms, and rpms for i386 RH6.2 and 7.0

This hopefully puts to rest the problems people have been seeing with
orphan recovery hanging after a crash.


Changes in this release


Fix orphan list handling:
 * Make sure we reserve inode writes before updating the orphan lists
 * Don't read orphan list data structures until we have the superblock lock
 * Fix reading of revoke blocks so we don't accidentally revoke the 
   superblock updates of the orphan list head during recovery.
Should cure the reports of hanging during orphan list recovery after a

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