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GFP_BUFFER change to GFP_NOFS is not nice to symlinks

Hello Andrew,
I fetched (CVS) ext3 latest changes (3 July 2001) which include
changing GFP_BUFFER to GFP_NOFS and now have random troubles with
symlink files on ext3 filesystems.

>From my experience over the last days with Linus's changes I find
that GFP_NOIO worked perfectly.

Below is Linus's response about bounce buffer change.

I am late to work, but this evening will try to substitute _NOFS
for _NOIO and report back results.

> Subject: 
>          Re: Bounce buffer deadlock
>    Date: 
>          Sat, 30 Jun 2001 10:50:56 -0700 (PDT)
>    From: 
>          Linus Torvalds <torvalds transmeta com>
>      To: 
>          Steve Lord <lord sgi com>
>      CC: 
>          Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo conectiva com br>,
>          lkml <linux-kernel vger kernel org>
> On Sat, 30 Jun 2001, Steve Lord wrote:
> >
> > OK, sounds reasonable, time to go download and merge again I guess!
> For 2.4.7 or so, I'll make a backwards-compatibility define (ie make
> GFP_BUFFER be the same as the new GFP_NOIO, which is the historical
> behaviour and the anally safe value, if not very efficient), but I'm
> planning on releasing 2.4.6 without it, to try to flush out people who are
> able to take advantage of the new extended semantics out of the
> woodworks..
>                 Linus

Albert Cranford Deerfield Beach FL USA
ac9410 bellsouth net

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