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To ext3 or not to ext3?

I'm in the process of building a home file server and am of course going
to use Linux 2.4 (2.4.6 for now...).  I'm waffling between resierfs and
ext3.  I've read the ext3 page and some of the mailing list archives but
have a few questions remaining.  (I apologize in advance if they are

Are there any known issues with:

	- LVM

	- LVM snapshots (more on that in a sec)

	- Software RAID 5

	- knfsd (including NFS v.3 support)

The hardware will be a vanilla Pentium III with a bunch of IDE drives.

I think that ext3 support for LVM snapshots is still in the works... I'm
okay with not using them until they work, but would still like to plan
ahead and put the filesystem on an LVM volume now.  In general I don't
mind foregoing features for now if I can enable them later on without
losing data or having to rebuild from scratch.

Also, my understanding from the various benchmarks posted around is that
ext3 and reiserfs are neck-and-neck in terms of speed.  Reiserfs may have
a slight advantage but I'd rather put my trust in ext3 given past
experiences.  Does that sound reasonable and accurate?

Thanks in advance for the info!


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