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Re: fsck journal replay times (was Re: Is this list active?)


Thanks for the reassuring feedback.  Your answer confirms our understanding (and
the great technology from you and your group!)

I have found that once we settled on ext3 and started living with it, we are all
asking how and why we ever lived without it!


"Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:

> Hi,
> On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 09:48:28AM -0400, Charlie Woloszynski wrote:
> > I am a bit concerned here.  We are looking to use ext3 to protect our fs from
> > accidental power outages (boxes that we don't have much control over).  If I
> > crash, will I have do a lot of fsck work, or just have the journal replayed
> > (which I thought was automatic)?
> ext3 doesn't need a full fsck after a crash, just a journal replay.
> The replay can be done either by e2fsck of by the kernel when it
> mounts the filesystem -- the same code is used in each case.
> The reason we run e2fsck on ext3 filesystems is twofold --- first to
> get all of the journal replaying done early on in boot, and secondly
> to detect any errors on the filesystem which might need a full fsck to
> be forced.  If ext2 or ext3 detect internal inconsistencies with the
> data on disk (which might be due to memory or disk data corruption,
> for example), then they set an error bit in the superblock and fsck
> will force a full disk check when it sees that bit.
> In the normal running of things, though, assuming there are no known
> on-disk errors, e2fsck will just do a quick journal recovery and will
> return.  You still run fsck on all filesystems, but the fsck returns
> immediately after the recovery is done.
> One last point --- ext2 has a way of forcing a fsck every so often,
> either when the number of mounts or the elapsed time since the last
> fsck is exceeded.  I'm looking for comments about whether those
> intervals ought to be set to zero (disabling the forced-fscks) for
> ext3 or not.
> Cheers,
>  Stephen
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