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Re: enable fulldata journaling

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 07:47:18PM +0200, Samuel Graenacher wrote:

> Anyways  I've been hearing about ext3 supporting full-data journalling
> on a per-file basis but couldn't find any detailed info about it.

It's somewhat hidden right now --- there's an ioctl to support it, but
it is really not intended to be particularly visible to the user.  The
current code is used for the quota files.  It _could_ be exported more
generically via chattr/lsattr, but changing the journaling state on a
file is a really fragile operation (it breaks the whole journaling
state machine internally if something unjournalable suddenly enters
the journal), so we have to flush the entire journal before changing
the bit.

Why would you want a file to be journaled?  There are some reasons it
might be desirable but in most cases the default "ordered" data mode
gives you all the advantages you'd want.


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