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Re: success!?!?!? mostly.


You have a differant man page for fstab than I do, thanks.
> `man fstab' says:


> So you should have `1 1' for / and `1 2' for the rest.  But I
> doubt if that will cause the problem.

I had that set right... 

> Could you please restate the problem you're seeing?  You say
> "on hardboot it still fscks the drives".  Does this mean that
> it simply runs fsck, or does it do the great big ten minute
> crunch-through-everything?  What is "hardboot"?  Is it crash
> recovery?

Yes, fsck is still fsck'ing all the partitions upon a power outage

> The expected behaviour is:
> - fsck will be run against every filesystem at boot time.
> - If the fs was shut down cleanly, fsck will say "clean" and quit.
> - If the fs was not shut down cleanly, fsck will replay the journal
>   and will then quit.  This takes a few seconds per fs.
> How does the behaviour of your machine differ from this?

fsck is still fscking 20 gigs of drives taking 10 mins or more. 

My init script is the stock rc and rc.sysinit from RedHat 6.1, my bash
skills are elementary at best, I'm a user and not a coder. But I read
everything I can find relevant to what I'm doing at the time and normally
get it working. 


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