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Re: Question about using ext3 in root partition

On 18 Jul 2001 16:45:06 +1000, Steve Kieu wrote:

> Just a short question should I use ext3 in root
> partition or etx2? I got two partition one mounted at
> /home and all the disk activities (r,w) happening
> there, ; and one is root partition. 

I'd make the root partition ext3 as well - you are likely to have some
write activity into it - ie /var & maybe /tmp - unless you mount r/o.

Its also worth making sure that any boot/rescue disk you have has either
an ext3 capable kernel, or (better) an ext3 capable e2fsck as otherwise
in a disaster you may find that your rescue disks will be unable to
mount root.

Even if your root is read-mostly, after a crash a fsck will be required
on an ext2 fs and this will obviously take time as well as there being a
chance of the fs being broken.

[I typically ext3 all filesystems except /boot - I don't actually now
have a good reason for not journalling /boot but that tends to have a
burst of writes every few weeks and takes around 10 seconds to fsck so I
just haven't bothered - its also only a few times bigger than the
typical journal size]


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