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Re: Question about using ext3 in root partition

> I'd make the root partition ext3 as well - you are
> likely to have some
> write activity into it - ie /var & maybe /tmp -

oop, I nearly forgot /var , I symlink /tmp to the
/home partition, yes, /var is still in root partition

> unless you mount r/o.
> Its also worth making sure that any boot/rescue disk
> you have has either

Thanks, I just did it already

> an ext3 capable kernel, or (better) an ext3 capable
> e2fsck as otherwise
> in a disaster you may find that your rescue disks
> will be unable to
> mount root.
> [I typically ext3 all filesystems except /boot - I

In my case I dont have to worry about /boot, it is
only several megabytes after all, I put it in /

I noticed that for each partition the kernel must
spawn one kjournald so it may use more resources. Is
it true?




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