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Re: Question about using ext3 in root partition


On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 08:21:33AM -0700, Brian J. Murrell wrote:

> > --- I do that with all of my own installs.
> > "tune2fs -j" can create a journal even on a live, mounted filesystem,
> > so it's easy to set up a journal on the root.
> The problem is that when you try to upgrade from (say) RH 7.0 to 7.1
> the mount in the installer can't mount ext3 filesystems because of
> "unsupported features".  You have to run around to all of your
> filesystems, unmount them, and clear the unsupported features.

No, you just need to shutdown cleanly: all of the unsupported feature
bits get cleared if you unmount ext3 cleanly.  The only bit which
remains set is the "HAS_JOURNAL" flag, but that's a compatibile bit,
not an incompatible bit, so old kernels/mount will be quite happy
mounting such a filesystem.

The main problem you're likely to see doing older upgrades is that the
installer doesn't understand "ext3" in /etc/fstab, so you need to
change those back to ext2 before upgrading.  Otherwise, a clean
shutdown _should_ be all you need (some older ext3 kernels didn't
always clean up their flags correctly on unmount so they had problems
in this area, but 0.0.6b and later should all be fine.)


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