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Re: ext3 tuning parameters. what are they

As a reference point, I use ext3 on two Linux NFS servers with 1GB of RAM 
and about 55GB of storage space. Both of my servers are down to about 3MB 
of available memory and the disks are very full. I have not seen any 
performance slowdowns, even under these conditions. Is it possible your 
servers are doing a lot of swapping to virtual memory?

BTW, I'm running 2.2.19pre6 with ext3 (5e) so YMMV with other versions.


PS: Shouldn't you be using JFS since you're an IBMer? ;)

ext3-users-admin redhat com wrote on 07/25/2001 02:27:19 PM:

> When memory is low, ext3 gets a bit sluggish cursor getting jumpy etc. I
> say ext3 because I don't see a similar behavior with ext2.    What are 
> ext3 tuning variables that I can try?  For example, I see a message like
> "commit interval 5 seconds" in /var/log/dmesg.
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