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Re: ext3 tuning parameters. what are they

Ed McKenzie wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 03:32:07PM -0700, Shawn Rappaport/PHX/OTI wrote:
> >                                                  I have not seen any
> > performance slowdowns, even under these conditions. Is it possible your
> > servers are doing a lot of swapping to virtual memory?
> FWIW, I'm also seeing what I'd consider pretty bad interactivity
> running on ext3.  Whenever the kernel starts swapping, the cursor in X
> will stop tracking, and applications will completely hang for seconds
> at a time, rather than running slowly while being paged in.  top(1)
> tends to show an unusual amount of CPU time in the kernel (unusual in
> that I don't normally see anywhere near 55% system time, even when
> swapping.)


it's really important that you mention the ext3 version when
reporting these things.

A number of quite significant throughput problems were addressed
in 0.9.3.  Another throughput fix will be in 0.9.4 which halves
the system time under some workloads.

I'll generate the 0.9.4 diffs today.

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