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Re: ext3-2.4-0.9.4

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Matthias Andree wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Rik van Riel wrote:
> > In fact, knowing how hard disks work mechanically, only
> > journaling filesystems could have an extention to make
> > this work.  Ie. this is NOT something you can rely on ;)
> This is not about failing hard disks. It is about premature
> acknowledgment of something which has not happened at that time.

So you didn't read what I was writing.

Let me explain it to you slowly:

Disks.  Write.  One.  Write.  At.  A.  Time.

A rename often needs as many as 4 or 5 writes,
ergo, you CANNOT do a rename atomically without
journaling and transactions.

> The competition is there and it has names: BSD + ufs + softupdates,
> Solaris + logging ufs. Read MTA mailing lists before obstructing.

BSD + softupdates is physically incapable of doing what
you suggest it does.  This can be proven from the lack
of transactions and the way hard disks work physically.


Executive summary of a recent Microsoft press release:
   "we are concerned about the GNU General Public License (GPL)"

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