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Re: EXT3 Worries

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 04:35:49PM -0700, IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R wrote:
> 1) If I install ext3 what is the likelihood that the extent of damage caused
> by its bugs will be limited to just the fact that the journals may not work
> properly? Alternatively, do I risk real damage to files and the filesystem
> at this stage in its development?

In general, ext3 will panic the system and reboot as soon as it
detects an inconsistency, so usually this happens before there's any
filesystem damage (and since you're using ext3 the fsck time is really
fast  :-)

That being said, it is development code, so there's always some chance
that something disasterous might happen....

I am using it on my laptop where I store all of my e-mail, though, I
am fairly confident in its stability, though.  

> 2) Is there a projected period when you suspect it will be added to the
> Linus version of the kernel, and be available in all distributions (not just
> RH)?

Hopefully soon!  

> 3) Is there an ISO, which is inclusive of EXT3 so that I can boot it up in
> rescue mode and get to an EXT3 partition for repair purposes if, need be
> yet?

Actually, since ext3 is backwards compatible with ext2, all you need
is a rescue disk with a sufficiently new version of e2fsprogs (the
rescue disk's kernel doesn't even need to support ext3).   

It's not hard to make an ISO which has an updated e2fsprogs, but I'm
not aware of someone who has a downloadable ISO image which uses a
recent e2fsprogs off the top of my head.  (I generally make my own
when I need one.  :-)

					- Ted

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