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ext3 tuning parameters. what are they

>it's really important that you mention the ext3 version when
>reporting these things.

     This is ext3 that comes with beta3 kernel 2.4.6-3.

     Going back to the original mail.  Is there some ext3 tuning
     document or such?  I googled the net which came back empty.
     Could those in the know drop me a line?

>As a reference point, I use ext3 on two Linux NFS servers with 1GB of RAM
>and about 55GB of storage space. Both of my servers are down to about 3MB
>of available memory and the disks are very full. I have not seen any
>performance slowdowns, even under these conditions. Is it possible your
servers are doing a lot of swapping to virtual memory?
>> When memory is low, ext3 gets a bit sluggish cursor getting jumpy etc. I
>> say ext3 because I don't see a similar behavior with ext2.    What are
>> ext3 tuning variables that I can try?  For example, I see a message like
>> "commit interval 5 seconds" in /var/log/dmesg.

     System memory is 2GB.  The app that I am running writes 4-5 GB worth
     of small files.  There is lot of dirty pages in the memory.

>PS: Shouldn't you be using JFS since you're an IBMer? ;)

     Not an advocate of one file system or the other.

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