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Re: ext3 and 2.4.5: OK, but how to convert / ?


On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 06:56:19AM -0400, Daniel Bidwell wrote:

> > OK, so I run it, edit /etc/fstab and reboot, or just remounting
> > the fs will use ext3 ?
> This probably isn't the "correct" way to do it, but I changed /etc/fstab
> to ext2, rebooted, used debugfs to remove the "has_journal" flags and
> rebooted again (to run fsck).  e2fsck notified me that it was removing
> the journal file.  This worked smoothly on several systems.

It shouldn't be necessary.  The ext2 kernel code, and the e2fsprogs
user-level tools, are all quite happy running on filesystems with
journals.  ext3's on-disk format is nothing more than ext2 with a
journal file.  As long as you shut down from an ext3 boot cleanly, you
can reboot with an ext2-only kernel without *any* changes to the
filesystems, and it should just work.  (Assuming that /etc/fstab says
ext2, of course!)

We are already looking at ways to make "mount" auto-switch, for
example by letting you specify type "ext3,ext2" as a filesystem type,
so that if you boot with a non-ext3 kernel you'll just get the
partitions mounted as ext2 automatically.

> > No problem. I read your post, changed fs/Makefile, applied all
> > patches, but forgot to apply the one for e2fsprogs before
> > building it. BTW, are these patches going to be in util-linux
> > and e2fsprogs ?

Current e2fsprogs should already be uptodate with ext3 support.
Although Andrew Morton just found a recovery bug so we'll need to push
a new version out soon.


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