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Re: SV: Ext3 destroying ownerships and permissions


On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 02:16:12PM +0200, Johan Ekenberg wrote:

> About a month ago I posted the message referenced below. There were
> a lot of kind and helpful responses, but in the end it seemed nobody
> knew what to make of it. Since then, all our problems have gradually
> disappeared. Automagically. Since we have made no site-wide changes
> that could explain the problem, apart from switching to ext3, I
> suggest these conclusions:

> a) The problems had something to do with going from ext2 to ext3.
> All occured *at the actual time of the upgrade* but were discovered
> gradually, making it *seem* like ongoing corruption.

Again, I can't see any possible way in which *any* filesystem bug
(regardless of whether it is ext3 or not) could result in such
systematic corruption of directory tree ownerships.

> b) The problems had nothing to do with ext3 but were, as someone suggested, caused by buffer overflows due to external attacks. We can find no trace of this type of attacks, but that doesn't prove they didn't happen.

Same as a) --- a buffer overflow itself wound not be expected to do
> c) The cause is something mysterious and exciting yet to be discovered.

Indeed.  I've been looking at a number of possible ext3 problems in
the past month, and I'll be pushing out a new 0.0.7a release later
today to fix those, but none of them match the pattern you were
describing earlier.  I'm just glad you're up and running OK now:
please do let me know if you ever see something similar again!


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