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Re: stupid question on e2fsprogs

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 08:26:07PM -0400, Douglas J. Hunley wrote:
> Right now, every release of e2fsprogs, I do the following:
> ./configure --enable-elf-shlibs && make && make install
> rm config.cache && rm config.status
> ./configure && make install-libs
> Are these two seperate steps necessary? Seems to me that I had a problem 
> installing something or other and it suggested the first line. Then later on 
> seomthing else suggested the second line. The second line doesn't work w/ 
> e2fsprogs-1.21-WIP-0601...

No, you really don't need to do this, and I'm not surprised if it's
breaking for some reason.

All that should be necessary is:

configure --enable-elf-shlibs
make install

Whoever suggested that you do those last two lines was probably trying
to do something very funny smoking something funny.  :-)

When you do a make install at the top level it includes doing a
make-install-libs, and in the library directories, doing a make
install also installs the static libraries.

						- Ted

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