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Re: VALinux's 2.4.5 beta kernel with Ext3

"Bryan J. Smith" wrote:
> Anyone try this yet?
> ftp://ftp.valinux.com/pub/software/kernel/beta/2.4.5-beta2va3.11/

The ext3 patch in that kernel is dated May 30.  A lot of stuff
has been fixed since then.  The safest and sanest place to get
ext3 patches at this time is http://www.uow.edu.au/~andrewm/linux/ext3/

I'll be putting drops from CVS there any time anything significant
has changed.  Running from CVS is *normally* OK, but if you time
it wrongly you may pick up a patch which is either broken or has
unwanted debug code in it.  Best watch the gkernel commit mailing
list to see what state it's in.

I've just put up 0.0.6 which, since 0.0.5 has:

- Fixed a crash which was occurring where metadata was getting
  incorrectly recycled as data

- Fixed HIGHMEM support.

It's in fairly good shape.  I'd recommend against using quotas
at this time.  Ordered data mode has had the most testing.
Interactions with loop, highmem, reiserfs and ext2 are OK.
Interaction testing with RAID and LVM has not even commenced
(reports welcome!)

I'd recommend building with JBD debugging and buffer tracing
turned off - there have been more SMP races in the debug
code than anywhere else, and the buffer tracing code uses
heaps of memory.  If you *do* get a repeating failure, please
turn them on again to get diagnostics.

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