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Re: Assertion in buffer.c:1122 __refile_buffer

Andrew Morton wrote:
> Albert Cranford wrote:
> >
> > Started with buffer.c v1.19.  Reversing change works for me in
> > linux-2.4.6.
> >
> I haven't tested at all with 2.4.6-anything.  It *should* be OK,
> with appropriate mangling of fs.h to make the patch apply..
> It looks like you may not have merged the corresponding
> changes to commit.c and transaction.c.  Are you sure
> everything's current?
> BH_Temp buffers shouldn't be going into ll_rw_block()
> at all - that's what the commit.c change did.
> If you're sure everything's up-to-date, please
> turn on buffer tracing.
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Exactly my problem.  I was using an old (3 June) source directory for
fs/ext3/jbd & fs/ext3/ext3.  After updating these .c sources, all is
well in linux-2.4.6-pre*.
Thanks for the hints.  Sorry to bother everyone with my stupid mistake.

BTW ext3 journaling has been great in my month of casual testing.
I keep my /usr/src directory in ext3, which is where most of my
transactions occur.

Albert Cranford Deerfield Beach FL USA
ac9410 bellsouth net

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