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Re: EXT2 - EXT3 - Reiserfs


On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 03:37:51PM -0400, Douglas J. Hunley wrote:

> into ext3 without a hitch (if they make sense). Note that ext3 is a metadate 
> only journalling fs. this puts it in the lightweight category. 

ext3 can do both metadata-only and full data journaling.  You can
enable data journaling for the entire filesystem or on a per-file
basis (ext3 uses that functionality internally to journal writes to
the quota files to keep them consistent, for example.)

> However, it is 
> more than sufficient more home use, and most servers (except file/app 
> servers).

I'm not quite sure what you think would make ext3 unsuitable for

> reiserfs is a 100% new fs from the ground-up. It is b-tree based, and is a 
> middle-weight journaling fs. I don't think it does actual data journaling at 
> this point (I might be wrong), but it definately does more than just metadata 
> journaling.

reiserfs only journals metadata at the moment.  

> reiserfs has a lot of different performance features due to its 
> b-tree heritage.

Yep.  It's also worth noting that there are a number of advanced
performance features available as patches to ext2, including indexed
directories for very fast operation on huge directories, and
tail-packing for high efficiency on small files.  There are also ACL
patches available for ext2, and all of these are hoped to be merged
into ext3 officially at some point.  We also have prototypes working
for additional ext3-specific functionality such as using a separate
disk for the journal.


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