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Re: mount problem with ext3,ext2

I got it now.  I had forgotten that RedHat seperates mount out from 
util-linux into a seperate RPM.  Once I patched it and rebuilt all 3 RPMS 
everything is working better.


On Saturday 16 June 2001 08:34 pm, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Bill Vinson wrote:
> > I have compiled 2.4.5 and patched the src rpms for e2fsprogs01.20 and
> > util-linux 2.11b.  I can boot with ext3 as my filesystem type in fstab
> > and fsck doesn't seem to mind it or ext3,ext2 but mount from util-linux
> > chokes on having ext3,ext2 in fstab during bootup or later manually.
> >
> > Anyone have any ideas?
> It Works For Me (tm).
> The util-linux patch was against util-linux-2.11d, not b.  But
> I doubt that makes any difference (probably a typo anyway).
> Are you sure it was patched and installed correctly?
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