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Re: ext3 and acls?

If you need acls on ext3 try the set of patches that I've put together.

It works for kernel version 2.2.19
So far the patches are stable under heavy load.  I still have more tests
to run with quotas enabled, but I'm not anticipating any trouble there.

There's more work to be done for the 2.4.x version of the patch, as it is
non-functional so far.

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Martin Maciaszek wrote:

> I tried running ext3 with posix acls (see
> http://acl.bestbits.at). The patches were easily merged and
> everything compiled fine. I created a journal.dat on my /home fs
> and mounted it as ext3. So far everything worked perfectly. But
> getfacl/setfacl didn't work on ext3. Mounting /home as ext2
> solved the problem.
> Maybe ext3 and ext2 don't share enough code to get it working
> without rewriting half of ext3.
> I just though I share my experiences just in case somebody else
> has the same crazy idea :)
> Cheers
> Martin
> -- 
> Like punning, programming is a play on words.

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