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Re: ext3 and acls?

On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 08:43:10PM -0500, Eric Jarman wrote:
> If you need acls on ext3 try the set of patches that I've put together.
> http://www.moldybread.net/patch/kernel-2.2

Very cool.  I'll download it and give it a try.  Thanks!!

For people's information, I'm currently working on integrating the
e2fsprogs EA/ACL patches with e2fsprogs 1.22.  It's actually a bit
more of rewriting than integrating, since I've figured out a way to
avoid needing to add another pass to e2fsprogs, and I think it should
be faster as a result.

I should have a WIP out fairly soon, but I want to do some more
testing first.  At the moment it doesn't do all of the consistency
checks inside the EA block itself, but I've gotten the hard part (the
refcount management) done.  Also left to do is pass1b (where a block
is claimed both as an EA block and as a data block or part of
filesystem metadata) handling; and in the future, being able to notice
when multiple EA blocks contain the same information, and therefore
can be collapsed together to save disk space.  

						- Ted

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