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Re: increasing the size of the journal data file

Ulisses writes:
> I'm running succesfully 2.2.19pre13ext3
> as mentioned in the subject line, I would like to increase the journal file

Why do you want to increase the size of the journal?  How big is it now?
Do you have any reason to believe it will do anything other than use space?

> I believe that:
> + asigning a new journal (-o journal=[new inode or increased inode])
>   data can solve it
> + increasing the actual file _appending zeroes_ to it can be used to increase
> it online, however the new space will not be used _until next mount_

Neither will work exactly as you say.  In both cases, you need to add the
"noload" mount option, otherwise it will continue to use the existing journal.
So you need to do the following:

mount -o noload,journal=[new inode or increased inode]

Obviously, if you have the journal in a reserved inode, you cannot append
zeros to the end of the file.  However, this _may_ be dangerous to write
to the end of the journal, because then you are journaling the journal inode
and the code could be confused.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger                               Turbolinux filesystem development

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