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Re: increasing the size of the journal data file

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 10:26:01AM -0600, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Ulisses writes:
> > I'm running succesfully 2.2.19pre13ext3
> > as mentioned in the subject line, I would like to increase the journal file
> Why do you want to increase the size of the journal?  

for "safety", to be sure it doesn't fills up

> How big is it now?

it's a 5MByte size for a 1.6GByte partition on a 7200rpm IDE hard disk, 
it's for the /var directory

> Do you have any reason to believe it will do anything other than use space?

it doesn't matter for me it wastes some Mbytes

> > I believe that:
> > + asigning a new journal (-o journal=[new inode or increased inode])
> >   data can solve it
> > 
> > + increasing the actual file _appending zeroes_ to it can be used to increase
> > it online, however the new space will not be used _until next mount_
> Neither will work exactly as you say.  In both cases, you need to add the
> "noload" mount option, otherwise it will continue to use the existing journal.
> So you need to do the following:
> mount -o noload,journal=[new inode or increased inode]
> Obviously, if you have the journal in a reserved inode, you cannot append
> zeros to the end of the file.  However, this _may_ be dangerous to write
> to the end of the journal, because then you are journaling the journal inode
> and the code could be confused.

Many thanks for your info, as I said before I think it would be cool this
should be included in ext3's README files



> Cheers, Andreas
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