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Ext3 destroying ownerships and permissions


A few weeks ago we upgraded 9 large webservers from ext2 to ext3. Since then we've seen very strange behavior on several of the machines. Permissions of files are repeatedly changed at random occasions. Several  times, ownership of files have been totally mangled. Several users have logged in to discover that all their files suddenly are owned by another user! At two of these occasions the machine froze and rebooted when we started to chown the files back to their real owner. 

We currently see no other solution than to "downgrade" back to ext2, and prepare for a change to ReiserFS or another journaling fs later this spring.

But first I wanted to check with you, is this a known problem? Maybe there's even a solution to it?

This is our current configuration:
  Intel 2 x PIII (SMP) w/ 1 Gb memory
  Mylex AcceleRAID 352 PCI RAID Controller (DAC 960)
  3 x 36 Gb IBM disks. RAID 5 thus gives us approx. 70 Gb
  kernel 2.2.19 + ext3-0.0.6b
  Slackware 4.0 (libc5)

There are no fs related kernel error messages, nothing to indicate that the kernel knows that something is wrong. I'd be happy to provide you with more information if needed.

Best regards,
/Johan Ekenberg - Sweden

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