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Re: SV: SV: Ext3 destroying ownerships and permissions


On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 09:12:48AM +0200, Johan Ekenberg wrote:

> No. It's intact. And like I said earlier: not all the files belonging
> to a user had their ownership changed, just some files. But when change
> of ownership has occured it seems to happen to *all* the files under
> some directory. See my earlier post for an example of what happened
> to 10 users with unames f*.

Could you define this a little better?  Is it always the user's
top-level directory which gets affected?  When a directory is
affected, are subdirectories always affected too?  What sort of
applications are you running?  When the effect happens, what sort of
uids do the file ownerships get changed to --- a different but
systematically consistent uid, or to a bunch of different random
values, or what?


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