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SV: Ext3 destroying ownerships and permissions

> So far I haven't seen any of the following details mentioned 
> in this thread:
> 1. Were you running 2.2.19 w/o ext3 prior to upgrading, or did you
>    upgrade from ext2 on a prior kernel directly to 2.2.19 + ext3?

We upgraded from 2.2.17 with ext2 to 2.2.19 with ext3.

> 2. What version of gcc are you using?  (Perhaps an optimizer 
> bug is getting
>    a structure offset wrong?)


> 3. As Stephen mentioned, how are you doing backups?  For 
> example, are you
>    using cpio with -a, i.e., --reset-access-time?

The actual copying is done along the lines of
  cpio -pmud

> 4. What are the numerical values of permissions and uids?
> The more data that you feed into the global pattern 
> recognition engine, the
> more likely somebody like AC will say something like "compiler x.y.z
> miscompiles foo.c" :-)

Of course, you're completely right. Thanks.

> Though I have no familiarity with the quota code (and never 
> use it here),
> is it plausible that that is the cause of the halt when doing 
> chown -R ?

I have no idea. This is all so strange that I won't say no to
whatever idea comes up.

/Johan Ekenberg

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