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Re: Kernel 2.4.5 and gkernel/ext3 CVS: cannot compile

--On Monday, May 28, 2001 12:31:04 AM -0600 "Peter J. Braam" <braam cs cmu edu> wrote:

I think it's not going to be OK, but I also think it has nothing to do with ext3. Try turning off modversions. There are a few prototypes missing from the kernel for cdget/cdput.

- Peter -

On Mon, 28 May 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:

Peter Bieringer wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried to compile an ext3 extended 2.4.5 kernel but I got no
> luck.  After applying the ext3 patch from the gkernel/ext3
> (download today) (symlinks are created) I run into following
> problem:

Should be OK - something perhaps went wrong with the merge.

There's a snapshot patch against 2.4.5 at

You'll probably have more luck with that.

Thank you for that hint, with this patch the kernel compiles well.
But a diff to the used gkernel/ext3 patch shows many differences (e.g. functions renamed).

Is someone able to publish the real ext3fs source URL? Or is it private only?

TIA, Peter

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